Aim of the project

The aim of the Traumschreiber project is to develop a high-tech sleep mask for research purposes, which can measure and manipulate human sleep, providing a unique combination of features to enable new types of sleep experiments at low costs.

Traumschreiber features

  • 8 channels, usable for EEG, EOG, EMG or ECG
  • data quality good enough to identify typical sleep EEG graphoelements like sleep spindles or slow waves
  • built-in stimulation (e.g. LEDs, sound)
  • real-time data access via a bluetooth low energy device (e.g. smartphone or Raspberry Pi)
  • portable and battery-driven
  • secure wireless data transfer
  • no black box: transparent data flow from the electrode to the computer
  • open source code and open hardware

Previous version v1.0 of the Traumschreiber
Version v1.0 of the Traumschreiber, image of the current version v2.4 to follow.

New types of sleep experiments

  • real-time automated experiments
  • field studies / at subject's home
  • mass experiments
  • technically complicated paradigms
  • different kinds of stimulation
  • live data access over internet
  • low-budget

All this is possible already, but not in combination.

By researchers, for researchers, non-profit = low costs

This is a research project at Osnabrück University. We already collaborate with scientists from other institutions, and further collaborations are planned or intended (feel free to contact us! :-) ).

Our research project is not profit-oriented, i.e. our production costs are also the costs for other experimenters. This makes the Traumschreiber cheap (expected costs during series production around 100-200 EUR / device).

Example data recorded with a Traumschreiber

Here are some example sleep data recorded with a Traumschreiber. All data were recorded prefrontally with sticky electrodes. Please click on the images.

Stage N2 sleep (with sleep spindles) Slow wave sleep (SWS) Arousal Stage N1 sleep REM sleep (with eye movements) REM sleep (with lucid dream eye movements 3x left-right)

Below you can see a first demo video of a blinking and beeping Traumschreiber (older version v1.0, there is no video yet of the current version v2.4). The LEDs and speakers are controlled from a Python script on the computer, the control commands are transferred wirelessly to the Traumschreiber.

Our Next Steps

  • Further program hardware and software v2.4
  • Manufacture 15-20 Traumschreiber v2.4
  • Test Traumschreiber v2.4 in closed-loop sleep experiments
  • Sleep lab validation of automated sleep staging algorithm

Continuously improve hardware, software and textile sleep mask.

Get involved!

If you are a researcher and would like to get involved, cooperate with us, use Traumschreiber for your research or just have some questions - please feel free to contact us via email to . Also, if you are an amateur craftsman, hobbbyist or programmer - feel free to contact us and tell us about your plans with a Traumschreiber.

However, please keep in mind that we are not "production-ready" and it might take some weeks or even months until we have found a way to mass-produce Traumschreiber to give it to our collaborateurs. :-)